Our Constitution



Guidance on roles and responsibilities


1 Aims

The aims of the Henbury Singers are:

•To enjoy singing a variety of music from different periods and genres

•To improve the performance of the choir through a varied repertoire

•To present a programme of concerts each year

•To support annually one or two charities with money raised by their concerts

2 Responsibilities of the Musical Director

•The Musical Director will train the Choir in rehearsal and will conduct the Choir in its concerts.

•The Musical Director with the assistance of the Committee will plan the music for a programme of concerts each year in such a way as to meet the stated aims of the choir.

•The Musical Director will work with the choir in order to improve their performance.

•The Musical Director will liaise with the Treasurer to agree a budget for the purchase of music.


3 Responsibilities of Choir Members

•Choir members should attend rehearsals regularly and punctually. They should let their voice representative know in advance if they are unable to attend a rehearsal.

•Choir members are strongly encouraged to work in their own time between rehearsals on those parts of the music which they have missed at rehearsal or those which need further work as suggested by the Musical Director.

•Choir members are encouraged to publicise concerts and to generate as many ticket sales for each concert as possible

•Choir members are encouraged to liaise with their voice representatives with suggestions to improve the running of the choir, or with offers of active assistance.


4 Responsibilities of Committee Members

•Committee members will manage all non-musical aspects of the choir and its programme of concerts.

•They will support the musical director in his or her responsibilities.

•Committee members will welcome ideas from non-committee members for improving the Choirs musical, social and financial wellbeing and will consider these ideas with other committee members as appropriate.


5 Roles in the committee

The number of committee members will be no less than six, and will be agreed at the AGM of the Society.

The roles of the committee members are likely to include the following tasks:


5.1 The role of the Chair is:

To liaise with the Musical Director on choir business and music. To lead the committee and to discuss suggestions from choir members. To ensure that choir members are informed of the activities and progress of the choir, and of the decisions of the committee To liaise with the Secretary over dates and bookings. To welcome new members To maintain contacts with other choirs/musicians in the area as required e.g. for joint concerts.


5.2 The role of the Deputy Chair is:

To support the Chair To deputise as required for the Chair To welcome new members


5.3 The role of the Secretary is:

To liaise with the Chair and the Musical Director in preparing an agenda for each meeting To take the minutes of committee meetings and the AGM. To circulate minutes to committee members To make bookings for the choir rehearsals as required. To make bookings for concert venues. To welcome new members and to maintain a list of members’ addresses, phone numbers and emails. To undertake correspondence as required.


5.4 The role of the Music Representative is:

To liaise with the Musical Director and Chair concerning the required music. To liaise with the Treasurer over costs of hiring music To acquire music from the local music library or from copies already held by the choir. To ensure that copies of music are available for choir members as necessary. To make copies of music as required.To organise the distribution and collection of music.


5.5 The role of the Publicity Officer is:

To promote the Henbury Singers’ concerts and to support the recruitment of new members by: Designing, printing and distributing posters, flyers and tickets etc Sending promotional and recruiting material to the local press and magazines.


5.6 The role of Voice Representatives is:

To get to know all members of a voice group and to keep in touch with them To help new members to feel part of the choir To ensure that the committee is aware of the views of members of the choir by asking for members’ views before a committee meeting To feed back committee decisions to their group


5.7 The role of Treasurer is:

1 Budgeting - To assist the committee by proposing an annual subscription as required to cover the expenses of the choir

2 Subscriptions - To collect the subscriptions due from each member at the start of each term

3 Other income - To collect all other amounts due to the choir as and when they arise e.g. donations for singing at outside events

4 Banking - To ensure all monies collected are banked as promptly as possible

5 Payments - To ensure that any invoices due for payment are verified, and (to maintain the good name of the choir) promptly paid

6 Accounts - To maintain accurate records of all monetary transactions to enable them to be independently audited if necessary

7 Accounts - To provide at each committee meeting a report of recent income and expenditure of the group

8 Accounts - To provide all members at the AGM a detailed report of the accounts for the previous year

9 Donations - To advise the choir members of the income raised at each concert, and the amount that might be paid over to the relevant charity

10 Insurance - To ensure that any insurance policy in force (i.e. indemnity insurance) is paid up to date, and reviewed on an annual basis

11 Insurance - To provide rehearsal and concert venues with a copy of the current insurance policy